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Mehboob Tube Mills, is one of the leading Manufacturer of Steel Pipes. We are operating from Lahore, Multan, Sialkot, Islamabad, Faisalabad and other cities of Pakistan. We are in the field of manufacturing since 1954. Our products are having their own identity by offering the best quality.

Our product is durable and we ensure the entire satisfaction of our valued client. Our products are standardized according to the international quality standards. Our achievements over the last 64 years speak about the volume of our success expertise and on-time deliveries as per commitment. Our effective solutions have given us the edge in the market over our competitors.

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Reason To Choose Us

With the State of the art imported machinery from Japan and America, we have the capability of manufacturing quality steel pipes. Our products are being widely utilized in water supply, oil, and gas, electrification, furniture & fencing, scaffolding pipes for high rise buildings and numerous projects.

Our Mission

Every industry is facing challenges in their own domain and everyone is trying his best to overcome those problem related to productions and competition. Our company is committed to follow the rules and policies implemented within the country. We are working here to deliver the best to the client. Our all these efforts are done to ensure quality and making ourselves the leaders in the industry.

The time when our company arises on the business horizon, we were focused to deliver quality standard products. We are playing our role to boost the economy of our country and to enhance the scale of our business as soon as possible. We are determined to become trendsetter in our industry to deliver the best and effective products to our respected clients and customers on time. We are planning to achieve our all goals with the help of our experienced and professional workers. They are working hard to make this company as one of the reputed organizations of the country.

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