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Mehboob Steel Pipe IndustryMehboob steel pipes is another entity of MA Group of Companies. We are having our operational unit in Balochistan. We are manufacturing steel pipes to be used for multiple purposes. Our products assure quality and this trait make us a leader in our field. Our Locations are Lahore, Multan, Sialkot, Islamabad, Faisalabad and other cities of Pakistan.

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Our Mission Statement

We are sticking with our prime mission of quality in this industry. We are working hard to provide high quality steel products. We also ensure that our business strategy will benefit the key stakeholders and valued customers. Our production is carried out through world-class operations and state-of-the art-technology. Furthermore, our experienced and profession workers are the driving force behind our company.

Our Company Vision

We believe that a company vision should be precise and should be tackling the challenges faced by the company in future. Our vision is to provide best steel product to our consumers so that we can develop a relation of trust. A company get success only when they are making their valued customer happy by giving them the desired products.

We are not limiting our ourselves to quality but we also focus on the problems that are present in our industry. Our experts are trying best to resolve the issues faced by our clients, stakeholder, and even the employees to ensure smooth functioning. We also pay attention to the safety of our workers and ensure that our production practices are not causing harm or polluting the environment. We try our best to create a healthy and safe working environment for our workers.

Why Choose Us?

Welding is carried out by the E.R.W (Electric Resistance Welding) process on the modern designed plant. The pipes made are as good as seamless pipes. Quality control is very important in the manufacture of pipes. Our all steel pipes, steel sheets and angle door are rigorously inspected according to the intended use. During the manufacturing process safety is ensured.

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