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The success story of Irfan Mughal is a tale not hidden from the world. There is not a speck of doubt that Mr.Irfan has made indefatigable efforts to take MA Steel traders at the peak of glory. It takes more than money and energy to make a business successful. The most important ingredient in the dish of successful business is therefore determination and hard work. A business would never prosper at its own, it is inevitably essential to burn the midnight oil in order to achieve the desired results.
Message from CEOApart from the glorious establishment of Mehboob Steel traders, Mehboob Internatinal, Mehboob Financial solutions, Mehboob M Tech Solutions and Mehboob Media, Mr.Irfan is now heading towards a concrete establishment of MA Irfan Solutions and MA Zaviar Traders. The aforementioned companies are solely looked after by Mr Irfan Mughal who scrutinizes the nooks and crannies of them in detail. Over the years, His companies have gained the trust of the customers. He has promoted business growth through efficient marketing strategies. It is true that there is no success without team work in one’s business. Thus, by organizing and managing the team, Mr Irfan has fully utilized his education. He promotes team work and is always sure that no matter what, his team would always cooperate with him. The team members hired by Mr. Irfan are the experts in their respective fields rather the most professional ones. It can be proved that they too, play a major role in success story of Mr. Irfan’s glorious business.
Mehboob steel traders holds really a handsome share in the Pakistani market. His expert teams, software firms and auditing firms have got no parallel in the steel market. He has given numerous authorities to every employ working under him according to his area of expertise. His leadership power overcomes everything. To encourage his team, he awards cash prizes on their remarkable performance which is highly impressive.
Moving further, it is notable how skillfully he has developed efficient import export terms with Pakistan’s most friendly neighboring country, China. He has been rewarded with the title of Head of Chambers of Pak-China Committee. Through the triumphant portrayal of this committee, the E-commerce trade between china and Pakistan would increase by leaps and bounds. Similarly, his company MA Zaviar Traders unfolds a panorama of affluent import export with China which is speedily taking the company to the top while constructing and maintaining its victorious status in the market. The company tends to carry out healthy terms with china at an international level. The trading with the Chinese people would increase rapidly leading to higher and wealthy E Solution Services. Thus the bright future prospects of China-Pakistan relationship can be seen through the hard work of Mr. Irfan’s trading companies.
The MA Irfan Solutions (Private limited) has almost developed an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software brilliantly. Moreover they have produced various IT related products and security systems to offer to their valued customers so that in the dynamic business world the customers should be able to operate their accounting and inventory management systems efficiently.

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