MA Group of Companies is one of the most distinguished and reputable business conglomerates working in Pakistan.

The group had a very strong presence in the corporate society as an Integrated, Devoted and Dedicated body that strives to provide customers with quality products and services. The main goal is to expand and offer number of services to engage maximum numbers of potential client.  

If we look at the brief history of the company. We see a graph of progress and hard work that leads to today’s success. The initial setup was initiated by the founder of company Mr. Mehboob Alam in 1954 in Gujranwala. Later in 1960 he moved his business location to Lahore. In 1983 a new addition to this group was under a name of Mehboob Sons. The company was growing but was stumbled by the death of Mr. Mehboob Alam. After recovering from this great loss, the threads of the business were transferred to Mr. Muhammad Ehsan and all brothers. They worked hard to stay market leaders in pipe marketing industry. With great efforts following firms were combined under one roof named as Mehboob Group of Companies.

Owner of the MA Group

Why us?

Mehboob Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Affordability is the key element that we ensure in
our services and products.

Mehboob 50 Year OF Experience

50 Year OF Experience

Our vast experience makes us trustworthy in
our respective field and services.

Mehboob Great Support

Great Support

Consistent support to our clientele is the primary
goal of our services to satisfy our customers.